Day #2 summary — the first look(-around)s and steps

Development process

So…yesterday came with me in a strong decision to make a dent with an exceptional Android games and tools production. I started with planning following the rule

If there is something your brain wants to avoid and needs a good portion of will(-)power, it’s the planning.

putting down an outline of my strategy in Sublime.

Basically I made an ordering of the milestones being the ap(k)s I want us to deliver, from the simplest to some more complex and ambitious. This was the focus part of my plan, where I could easily approximate or complete the desired products step-by-step.

Other part of the morning planing ware the long-term (dev&deployment )process policies. These are things dawning around the second key substance for (our/any )future success — the persistence. I retained here the varied ideas I already have on improving my productivity gradually and/with their success-triggers.

The trigger events of certain  success achieved  guarantee I don’t waste too much time on boosting (my )productivity while not actually producing anything. A substantial production effort accomplished are necessary justification for spending( time) on productivity( processes) improvements.

On the other hand, it’s important to investigate and improve your workflow sometime(s) i.e. to not postpone( or procrastinate) it indefinitely. Setting reasonable turning points assures time is not wasted frequently(/heavily) on repetitive tasks.

Having two long check-lists written up  before lunch, I started on exploring the dev resources pointed from gPlay Store.  I wouldn’t resist to look at least at the basic Design principles Google recommends and didn’t I refrain from putting a few biting comments here and there( and some approvals too;). Besides form generally recognized UX guides, one think stroke my eye while skimming the title sections of DevicesStylePatterns and Building Blocks guidance issues — the dp  screen units.

What they be ‘baut? You likely know what pixel is — one point( of color) on the screen, but they come in various sizes|densities( ex. with a fullHD resolution on a 5” screen the D(ensity)P(er)I(nch) is quite high). So pixels are not an ideal unit for sizing items that are to appear on a screen. So why not to use the metric units, say declare a button to appear 1 centimeter high and 35 millimeters wide? Well because crap, somebody in Google or around thought out the world just needs more units standard apart from metric and inch/foot/mile( (English/Imperial )crap) so they defined the dp as a size of one pixel in a 160 DPI, which is — you guess — 1/160 of an inch or in the standard physical unit..:

inchSize_mm = 25.4
one_dp_mm = inchSize_mm * 1/160
print "One dp unit equals", one_dp_mm, "of millimeter."
>>> One dp unit equals 0.15875 of millimeter.
A conclusion? A 48 dp is the minimal dimension to be seen and touched well everywhere.
The next thinG I dug into  was setting an IDE, the workshop for building up our applications. Two options come to scene here: Eclipse ADT( plugin) being the well established standard, while Android Studio( BETA) is the yet budding choice of the future — at least in the current proclamations from Google. Even for the ADT I picked, a minor hindrance (i.e. piece of crap) is there is yet no all-in-one installation bundle, you have to download and install JavaSDK and Apache Ant separately. (Those’ll be for putting the parts of your apps together into the .apks.) The Eclipse IDE bundle then comes as a portable (Java )application — we’ll have to make shortcuts and links for quick launching manually.
Twitching my fingers for giving the IDE the first shot I went into dreaming about all new cool ideas we could build and sell..:)
Actually wasn’t able to sleep properly of the excitement..;j

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